Overview of Archival Collections

Our ministry archives and preserves any information (in any format) that adds to the history of the parish, school, and greater parish community. Also, we do not JUST house documents. We receive and seek out information in a variety of formats because our history does not just lie in documents, but in several differing formats. This is a common misconception with archives, especially the CTK archives, that we are striving to debunk. With the implementation and re-designing of our digital archives, viewers will see that our history lives and breathes in multiple formats. As for our acquisition and processing procedures, when deciding what information to add to the collection, we analyze our current collection to see where there may be gaps or areas that are not covered. After this analysis, we then strive to seek out (or get lucky with contributions from the community) potential information or records within those areas.

Check out our Digital Archives Guide to see the many archival collections within CTK Archives. Additionally, we provide collection guides for various digitized subgroups that can be useful when browsing the website.
CTK Digital Archives Guide